Tuesday, April 7, 2015

On beginning

I'm starting a new project - it's call #The100DaysProject.  You can read more about it here.

My friend Beth turned me onto it. Thanks Beth!

As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted my project to involve quotes.  I pretty quickly settled on using a title I used for a Postcard Swap a while back - #100DaysOfWordsOfInspiration.  You can check it out in my Instagram Feed.

All that was settled in my mind about three weeks ago.  As I thought about how to begin I started to look up quotes.  I can lose myself for hours reading quotes, cruising quote boards on Pinterest, and reading a good book looking for little nuggets of wisdom.  I quickly realized that where I would need inspiration in the messy middle of this project was on the art and display of the quote - not on finding the quotes.  So, I actually started writing down a list of all the different creative ways that I could showcase a quote.  That's the part I'll struggle with later on - when the newness wears off and the project loses its excitement for me.  Any effort of 100 days - any effort at all that's more than a simple little task can turn tedious quickly.

Starting with the hard part is a tactic I'm using a lot lately - get the most important things - the hardest things - the things I'm dreading the most done first.  I write that now, realizing today that's not even remotely what happened.  I ended up working on something I personally find quite easy today - not on the thing I planned to do which is the hard stuff.

As the quote says..."Keeping together is progress..."  I am a continuous work in progress.

Do you have a quote you'd like me to showcase during this project?  If so - leave it in the comments.  Feel free to leave more than one.

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