Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas!


I'm sitting here at the computer today working through a software upgrade for work.  If you've never done a major software upgrade it's a lot of sitting and waiting and then spending five minutes testing something until you find the next thing that didn't work like it was supposed to and you then wait until that's fixed and start the cycle all over again.  Boring drudgery is what we call that.  Luckily, I'm not the poor person who has to fix all the stuff that's not quite working as anticipated so I'm getting to clean my desk, now I'm working on cleaning up my office area and I got my Christmas pictures processed! So, I'm sharing them with all of you.


Let's start with the story of these first two pictures - which won't be nearly as funny as it was to me in real life.  Dinner was over so we all headed to the living room for Lucas to unwrap his gifts and everyone else to get their gift cards (we're not much of a present family unless you are under about the age of six.)  He opened his gifts - which I'll show you in a second and then his Nana and I wanted to get a picture of him in front of the tree.  We told him to stand by the tree and he backed his little tush right up and just posed bigger than life...big cheesy cheese and all.  The first photo was from the first time he did it - at which point I laughed so hard because this boy is just so cute - that I wasn't sure when I looked at the picture if I actually got a good shot so we had him do it again - which he did.  I tried not to shake too hard while I laughed and snapped and ended up getting a good shot from each round!  I love that he enjoys making us laugh.


This is the other photo I'm most excited about - I've been trying to get a good picture of Lucas with his Great Grandma for - well nearly two years now.  Mom doesn't love having her picture taken and since Great Grandma is typically sitting still and Lucas is usually moving, getting the two in the same frame can be a challenge.  But, luckily, I went in the living room and grabbed a spot in the corner right after dinner.  As everyone came in mom took Lucas's hand to walk over to the Christmas tree and show him the Snoopy motorcycle toy that was in the tree for him.  I clicked off about 10 frames and got three good shots.  I'll keep trying for some great ones but happy to have at least a few with them in the same frame!


Lucas got snatched up by Auntie Ashley and snuggled for about 10 seconds before he was back off and running again.  Love the big smiles on all their faces. Ash and Matt got him a set of bib overalls which I can't wait to see him in.  

Lucas did great opening everything - from gift bags to presents.  I got him the toys to go with his train mat.  Great Grandma and Great Grandpa hit the kid pleasing jackpot though because they got him a tractor which definitely got the most love and attention.




Lucas has definitely mastered present unwrapping.  He had no hesitation with it at all.  He even helped me open my gift - a Lynn and Friends CD featuring Mrs. J! (Thanks for grabbing the shot Donna!)

As all the present unwrapping was winding up and everyone else went back to the kitchen to clean up dinner, Lucas and I grabbed a few more minutes to get some shots of him just being a silly almost two year old.  



Our whole Christmas Day was a wonderful day of family and friends so even though I didn't catch pictures of more than these few minutes, the whole day was joyful and a great opportunity to just relax and spend time together. I certainly hope you also had a Merry Christmas!

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