Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One Less White Wall!


The month of February has been all about getting a lot of little things done around the house.  I've already blogged about my Chalkboard Wall and I've got a few other projects to get out of the way before March comes in like a frozen lamb - ushering in a huge winter storm (stay safe if you're in this thing's path).  I'm really happy with all the projects I've gotten done in February which is a good thing since I'm on the road a large part of March. (By the way, for those of you that a) know my house well - yes there is a new rug in the master bedroom and for those of you with an eagle eye b) yes - I'm keepin' it real here people - there are a whole bunch of muddy paw prints at the edge of this picture. 

Where were we?  Oh ya - there is one less white wall in my house.  YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

When I first saw my house, the color of the wall in the upstairs loft area (my office) was one of my favorite features.  It's hard to capture, particularly since I forgot to grab shots over the weekend when I was actually at home when it was daylight, but this gives you an idea.


That reddish color is on two walls, but the really long hallway wall that spans the area between the bedrooms was flat, dull, builder white.  (It's the wall where my Pinterest Challenge map project hangs.)  If I could make the paint color - or lack of color - sound any uglier, I would.  

I've actually purchased paint for that big white wall once before, but I opened it up and hated the color so I returned it to the store.  After that near disaster in color, I think I was a little gun shy.  But then, it happened...I had an epiphany, on the way out of the restroom at work.

You see, I had been debating between some sort of khaki/tan color on the long white wall wall or just using some of the rest of the gallon of creamy buttery light mellow (it's not really yellow - it's just perfect).  I used it in the studio after Gayle picked it out to contrast with my favorite tomato bisque wall.  You can see a crazy middle of the project picture of the studio here to see how the two colors play off each other.  I think the lighter wall takes on a bit of a pink tone in the photo below - but trust me - there is no pink in real life.  It's just perfection.


So, why did a trip to the restroom at work help me make a color choice?  You see, there is a reddish wall in that restroom - it's kind of similar to the reddish wall in my house.  All the other walls in the restroom? Khaki.  I couldn't have the walls in my house be the same color as the walls of the restroom. And there you have it.  Crazy decision making with Kara :-)

So, on Sunday night, I taped up the wall with my frog tape, grabbed my step stool, and set to painting.  About two hours later, the wall was that beautiful mellow color that I've come to absolutely adore.  I'm also thinking of putting either that or more tomato bisque in the tiny white wall of my staircase - more to come!  But, I'm definitely hoping to continue obliterating not only all the remaining white walls in my house, but also the crazy mustard color in my bedroom.  

If you watch my Flickr feed, you may have already seen the fun project that I finished on Monday night (which was what necessitated the walls getting painted), but you'll have to come back tomorrow to read about that.  

Have you painted anything lately?


  1. Bet it feels cozier with the color. Mostly I'm happy you painted without me! haha!

    1. It absolutely does - now I need to turn the desk so I can gaze upon its loveliness :-)


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